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Software Reviews



gcomprisGCompris is a complex educational software suite that has been built with children aged 2 to 10 in mind. Most activities are game-oriented, and this makes learning new things a lot of fun! The application includes over 100 different activities.

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toon talkKen Kahn, the maker of ToonTalk, defines it as "an animated world where kids can make, run, debug, and trade programs". The "game" begins with you flying a helicopter; then, after landing, you can explore the nearby buildings and create your own programs.

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Tux Paint

tux paintTux Paint is a child-friendly digital drawing application which was built for children aged 3 to 12. Due to its user-friendly interface, great flexibility and fun sound effects, it is being used in lots of elementary schools around the world.

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scratchScratch has been built by MIT Media Lab and has been translated into almost 100 different languages. It's a project that helps children create stories, games and animations, and then share them with the world. In a nutshell, Scratch is a block-based tool that allows kids to learn the basics of programming in an interactive way.

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