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How to Monitor Your Kids' Online Activities

online activitiesThe Internet provides lots of opportunities for children! They can use it to communicate with their friends, play various online games, get access to useful information, and so on. However, the Internet can also be a virtual window to unsuitable images and videos, can expose children to online predators, and more. Therefore, it is the duty of any responsible parent to monitor his/her children's online activities. Here's how to do it.

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Essential Tips for Healthy Gaming

safe gamingMore and more children play games these days. And believe it or not, more and more adults do the same! It's not a surprise that many people earn a lot of money by streaming their game-related activities using websites like Twitch and/or by getting involved in various e-gaming tournaments.

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Proven Ways to Protect Online Privacy

online privacyYour children's privacy is one of their most precious assets. Internet advertisers are very interested in learning what they like and dislike, though, so that they can target them with enticing ads. Fortunately, most parents understand that the information that is being shared online can often be misused. So, how can we make sure that our kids' information stays safe? Here are several essential tips.

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